Monday, April 9, 2012

Bunny Time!

Yes, Easter was yesterday, but there's another Bunny that's been haunting my knitting.  It's Carol of Black Bunny Fibers!

Here are my Aquaphobia Socks:

The name of the pattern refers to an aversion to pools; however, this yarn, knit in a delightful Falkland wool base, needs no slipped stitches to break up the pooling.  That's because I am finding that Carol is a master at her craft.  I'm currently using her yarns a fair bit.  One I'm still working on is the 198 Yards of Heaven pattern.
Seaweed 2

I also recently knit up a Dustland hat for myself using Swan's Island Organic Merino Worsted.
Dustland 1
The yarn is naturally dyed, and the coloring is very reminiscent of the yarn the dearie and I dyed up on Fat Tuesday. (Yes, I still owe you a report!)
Dyeing 1
The amazing thing about the Swan's Island is its incredible softness.  It's a wool that feels a bit more like cashmere, I daresay. It's become my go-to hat because it can cover my ears when I need it, and it is loose enough that it doesn't give me irreparable "hat head."

I make that "hat head" distinction because - drumroll, please - I have also been in the process of writing up a pattern for a slouchy hat! The first version smooshes my hair beyond help, requiring that I continue to wear the hat until I can get my next shower.  I'm currently working on my third prototype and sampling a different yarn.  While the pattern's simple enough, I want to try do a decent job with it. It's my first foray into designing - at least that I've gotten beyond the sketchbook stage.  It's not, however, the only design I've been working on. I also have some armwarmers knit up, but I need to work out some details with sizing and finishing. My desire to keep these private until they are finished is part of the reason I've been so quiet, though I also have to admit that it's been more an issue of carving out enough time to say hello.  My apologies.

I also got to teach a class somewhere in there! It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I had such wonderful help to step in and answer questions. Here's a special shout out to the lovely folks at the Wooly Monmouth! I learned a few things in the process - important things like the fact that I have a crooked mouth when I'm speaking.
crookit face
This came as a bit of a surprise to me, though apparently everyone else knows it.  Now I'm that much more self-aware.
crookit face
Thanks, Grace.

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