Friday, April 20, 2012


I love this time of year, especially when spending much of my time in long hallways and dark, little rooms. Sights like this one make me very grateful to the people who put the thought into landscaping nursing homes.

For shut-ins, these sights are a real saving grace- better than medicine. And that also goes for the people that care for them.

This afternoon we got to take a whole lot of people outside, and it provided a great chance for me to work with one woman on a few more squares to add to the little pile shown below. Please pardon the lousy picture; I try to give my time to the people at work, rather than my phone. Still, I managed to snap this shot as a bit of proof of what we've been doing at the home.

Enjoy the sights, and maybe think of someone who can't enjoy them without some assistance. Cheers!


  1. if you run out of scraps ~ shoot me a note on Rav and I'll gladly send you some ~ I have bags of left over yarn...all different weights and colors