Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sheep and Wool (and Fish) report

I think sporting a fish at the Sheep and Wool Festival is becoming a bit of a thing for me... at least, last weekend makes the third one in a row that I have attended.  

Here's the little guy, made with some of the yarn I spun up last summer during Tour de Fleece.
Fish 2
The yarn came out beautifully after its bath, soft and kinda drapey.  I paired it with some Madeline Tosh dk in my go-to grey. I had intended to use the yarns together in a different pattern and made several false starts, but in the end I was happy to let the yarn speak to me.  It also told me I needed to add a little something to the tail and fins. 
Fish tail

Okay, I'll let you in on a little 'secret': lately I am contemplating putting in a different color stripe at the end of everything.  It's ridiculous.

Oh, and my fish had the most delightful company this year.

There was other lovely company, but I didn't get pictures of them all.  
Oh, and would you believe I only bought one skein of yarn? 
That's right.  One.  Well, okay, the sweetie bought me one as well, but that's it! Two!

Well, plus some potential yarn.  Check out the lovely fibers by Into The Whirled:
ITW wrapped
I kinda don't want to tell you about these guys because I want to keep them all to myself, but they are really nice, and their colors all seem really great. I was first introduced to them by Aaron back at the last Rhinebeck trip.

Segue to Aaron's beautiful gift: my first handwoven scarf!  Hopefully it's not my last.  
Scarf 1

Scarf 1

Didn't Aaron do a great job?  He used Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine. The colors, as it turns out, have a special sentimental value for me, so whether he knew it or not, he made a really special gift.  Thanks, Aaron!