Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm a bag lady

I admit that I am not one of those cool people who walks around in cool clothing but no coat to bulk up their figure, no wallet to make their pockets bulge, and no bags to throw their profile off balance. In fact, I generally have the look of a two-legged pack horse. I love taking my knitting (and the occasional spinning) with me wherever I go, so that no moment is lost.  Yes, I'm a guy, but I have come to love bags. They are the means for keeping my projects portable, but most of them are simple canvas totes I've obtained for free when other people had the sense to get rid of them.  The problem I am finding is that many of them become easy to confuse with each other, besides looking sloppy.

My sweetie surprised me with a very special present a while back, made by one of the gals from knitting group - my own set of custom-made bags!  

Bags family

The colors are a lot of fun, and definitely jive with the fixation I've had on bright green and its neighbors. But the thing that gets me is the canvas used for the outside.  The designer's words, "I think the canvas outside gives it just enough structure to not collapse, but they’re still crushable if you want to stuff them all into a larger bag."  Word.  There's something about the combination of the fabrics that I love from a tactile standpoint... maybe I'm just not used to being pampered with lined bags.  Check out the lining on these babies:

Bags 5

Bags 4

Bags 3

Bags 1

The little zippered pouches are perfect for sock projects, being wider at the bottom to welcome a ball of yarn.  But I think my favorite is the little drawstring bag, since portability goes hand in hand with multitasking.  And maybe it's the odd one out, and I like that.  Anyway, it's a good thing there's a big sack, because I find myself using all of them at once. 

Our friend has an etsy store called Llama Star Creations. From knitting with her, I can tell you a dirty secret.  She's nuts.  She pops out amazingness without thinking twice.  Yep.  She's one of those annoying people who knit things that most people wouldn't have the patience to finish, and does it at lightning speed, and still manages to turn out incredible project bags and other goodies. If you don't see a lot in her store but like what you see, go send her a message.  I happen to know she's working on more bags at the moment.

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  1. One can never have enough bags! That's what I always say.