Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lace blocking, my friend, it has been too long!

Happy Summer!

Here's my last FO of the spring : a bit of lace that's been about a year in the making!  

The Dover Castle Shawl is a great bit of lace and a nice knit; I'm glad I buckled down and finally finished it. 

Shawl Full

Shawl light

Shawl 1

Dover Castle 3

I even like the reverse.  I figure if I can walk around wearing this kerchief, I can just as well wear it wrong-side-out.  Maybe it's a little less recognizable or something, but it reminds me of the trend in clothing that puts the seams on the outside as a design element in the name of being more "rugged" or hip.  Not that I think I can wear this to a skate park and fool anyone, heheh.

Shawl Reverse

I apologize for the picture quality.  Carol of Black Bunny Fibers dyed the CashSock base in a beautiful grey that suits the lace too well to pass up.  I am always excited to knit up another project in her yarns; in fact, I currently still have another lace shawlette on the needles in one of her colorways.

Speaking of "on the needles," I'm working away at a testknit for a new shawl designer, and I think you'll be interested in the result.  It's bold design and a fairly simple knit.  Here are the colors I'm using as a teaser:


Also on the lines of testing, much thanks to the interest people have shown in testing out my armwarmers pattern!  A few people have already finished, and now I gotta get my rear in gear and spruce up the written pattern.  Woot!  

Here's a picture of the first prototype, before a few tweaks.  Madelinetosh yarn photographs so beautifully, even for someone with my inexperience! Can you see a color fixation? 

Armoirmeurs Prototype 1

Have a great summer, and keep knitting! 

P.S. And for you Southern Hemisphere blokes, happy winter!

P.P.S.  Edit: Um, I don't know what I was thinking, but the Dover Castle Shawl is knit in Black Bunny Fibers Softsilk Sock (50% merino, 50% silk).  This is why I keep the labels... in the event that I might one day find them and need to correct myself.


  1. Wow, that's a great shawl! I love the way the pattern looks.

  2. We Southern hemisphere "blokes" are deeply envious of your warm sleeves and shawls. Can't knit fast enough to get warm! Looking forwards to the pattern :-)