Sunday, August 12, 2012

I've moved!

My online presence is as absent as ever, but my excuse is that I've relocated from the flat-ish nether-regions of South Jersey to the beautiful woods and hills of Pennsylvania. The past month has been spent amongst boxes and wonderful grocery stores.  Yep, I'm thrilled by the food markets around here. One could say that I've been a bit homesick, but it is largely because I left a whole mess of wonderful people at my old job, and am starting over completely at a comparable position just minutes away from my new home. Through it all, I've held onto sanity partly by keeping my head down and knitting away.  So while I may have been quiet, my needles have not rested.  Here's a whirlwind catch-up tour:

How about a look at my testknit, now that it's been out in the public for a while?  I had been waiting until I could get a decent photograph of its full wingspan, but between the heat of summer and the craziness of moving, I just haven't gotten around to it.  So how about a view of the focal point of the shawl?
Pterotactyl shawl
The pattern is Pterotactyl, the first design published by Marc Smollin, a.k.a. Peachox on Ravelry.  I love it from both sides -- perhaps even more from the reverse side, so I actually wove in the ends on the 'front.'  The concept is a simple short row, and it managed to hold my interest in what could otherwise have been a very tedious shawl.  As it was, it turned out to be a great project for traveling, as well as for reading; during my weeks of exhaustion I considered knitting another one using BrooklynTweed Loft.  I still hope to do so, probably once I get the motivation to read another book.
Pterotactyl shawl
I'm always on the hunt for a wide, shallow shawl, and this is the widest shawl I have to date.  The wingspan is huge, and I only used one pin during blocking to tack down the center so I could properly tug out the points.  I recommend it, and if you like the looks of Pterotactyl, you may be pleased to find out that Marc has already published a second shawl pattern that runs with the concept a bit further, incorporating stranded knitting.  

I have been juggling socks until I'm sick of tiny needles.  But I've only finished one sock of each, if that much, so it feels like I'm never getting anywhere.
Here's the toe of my Priscilla Gibson Roberts sock; I have yet to perform the provisional cast-on for the second sock.

PGR sock

I'm also enjoying the incredible mindlessness of Longitudinal:

I'm slowly plugging away at my Shur'tugal socks, though a friend of mine sped through these in a week or two.  Grrr.

And then, to get away from tiny-gauge knitting, I have taken respite in a Zig and Zag Sock Yarn Pram Baby Blanket, which another knitting friend uses as a wrap. I'm loving working with so many of my favorite yarns all over again.  (I'm looking at you, Hedgehog Fibres!)
Zig-Zag pram blanket wrap thing

This project is easy to work and very difficult to put down, since I revel in the way adding new colors transforms the way the previous colors read together.  I made this progress during the past week in the most delightful manner; one of the local churches put on a reading of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe in the park, with the addition of live music from the British Isles and free water ice.  I'm only sad that we couldn't continue with a public reading of The Lord Of The Rings
Narnia in the park

I've been working on other projects, as well, even resurrecting some projects from hibernation and frogging a couple more, and I even participated in the Tour de Fleece on my original Trindle. Thanks to the generosity of the leaders of Team Trindle, I won a shiny new Trindle... I think I'm officially a Trindle collector now!
I'm still enjoying the Trindle that started it all...and a yarn that's been in progress for longer than a year!
I hope this post finds you well and comfortable, and hopefully enjoying a good yarn or two. Thanks for stopping by!