Monday, October 1, 2012

October Update: Start the Countdown!

Happy October! I got to work today, and only as I looked up at the calendar did I realize that we begin the new month today.  How September flew!

This sweater isn't exactly flying, but I tried it on the other day and found that I had made some headway, at least.  When this ball of yarn runs out, I think I'll switch gears and start the other shoulder.

sweater progress Sep 29

It is only a couple weeks until you-know-what.  Besides the sweater, I have two more projects I want to finish within this time. Wish me speed! I just hit the half-way point on one of them, so I'm hopeful that things will go alright. I guess it doesn't help that I couldn't resist adding another project into the mix besides these:

It's Jared Flood's Seasons Hat, but I picked out my own color scheme. It's been a lot trickier than I initially thought. If you decide to pick your own colors for this project, you would do well to heed my words: you will need two neutrals (the greys) and two related colors (medium and dark green here) that contrast well with the neutrals, and the main hat color also needs to contrast well with the lighter of the color shades.  I so wanted to use the Loft colorway "Sap" in this hat, but it just didn't seem to deliver the contrast I felt it needed, even though it looked very nice with the other colors.  I actually ended up throwing out two of my colors and lifting some shetland from the Honey's stash for the neutrals.  After lots of fussing, it's coming out pretty well, I think.  Hats are usually so effortless, but I expect the extra work on this hat to be worth my while. It's a beautiful design, and I'm thrilled with the chance to use Loft again.

Alright, enough blabbing.  Time to tend to that knittin'!


  1. hey, your sleeve fits!!! good fix!

  2. Wow, that sweater and that hat and that model are all gorgeous!