Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rhinebeck Part 2: The Part With The Maple Cotton Candy

Part the Second

The question came up several times, how does Rhinebeck compare to Maryland Sheep and Wool? I can think of three major differences: the music, the food, and something else I will save for next time.

The music at Maryland is much more to my liking, as there is an array of celtic and folk musicians, all quite good, on rotating display during the weekend. Not so at Rhinebeck.  This is probably my only complaint: one folk band, very similar to what I recall hearing in Times Square, literally playing without break through the whole weekend.  After a while, enjoyable turns into annoying, which turns into numbing, then exhausting. Later in the day I noticed the band slipping in a few Simon and Garfunkel tunes, though I don't know if it was just to keep themselves entertained or a part of their all-day repertoire.

Otherwise, it's all good.  The food at Rhinebeck is delightful. I went and got that maple cotton candy, and rather enjoyed it.

I enjoyed it in the designated eating area.
Cotton Candy 2

I enjoyed it near a trash can.
Cotton Candy 3

I enjoyed it in the exhibition halls.
Cotton Candy 5

I enjoyed it on my thumb.
Cotton Candy 6

And I enjoyed it while everyone else was being sociable on the "grassy knoll."
Cotton Candy 8

Just when it looked like I would spend all my time eating during the Ravelry meetup, the very people who introduced me to the cotton candy showed up: the Savvy Girls, Deborah and Melanie! They were very quick to throw on our fish hats and snap a few pictures.

Savvy Girls 1

Savvy Girls 2

I also got to eat lunch with a bunch of lovely guys. I've done test knits for two of these people. Just gonna dangle that one in front of you.

The boys eatin lunch

While I'm on the topic of famous people, I kinneared Ysolda on the grassy knoll Saturday afternoon.

Ysolda kinneared

I am rather shy at things like these, but it turns out that I didn't really need to be afraid; the next day we enjoyed cupcakes with Ysolda at the Ravelry meetup.


Okay, so I did tell her that the picture was for a friend that was too nervous to bother her and had to leave early, but as I look back, I realize that that picture was also for me.  I think Ysolda's amazing, too.

Saturday must have been my "nervous day" because I couldn't find the nerve to ask Dan for a full picture, and I am kicking myself for it. However, he graciously lent me his leg.


Those, my friend, are some hot hose. Kudos to the woman who knit them and made the heel/toe look so good with his kilt.

I was struck by the way I can at times feel somewhat accomplished as a knitter back home, but when I'm at Rhinebeck I see gads of beautiful handiwork and realize I have a long way to go before I can refer to myself as 'accomplished.' It's the place where I'm no longer a "crazy"; I'm just one of the crowd. And I can actually chat with people I usually only dream of talking to.

The other big meal was a dinner in Rhinebeck Saturday night.  The food was delicious, and we had four birthdays that weekend out of six people.  My pictures came out poorly, but know this: I am so glad to have been a part of that group - happy times! I only wish I could have taken a whole plate of that pumpkin ravioli home with me.

One more photo before I leave you today:


You can see anything at Rhinebeck, if you don't get too lost in the crowds.


  1. awesome ~ your cotton candy cadence has a seussical ring...

    did you enjoy it on a train
    did you enjoy it on a plane

    did you share it with a friend
    or did you eat it til the end

    ha ;)

  2. Well, I did read one of my old favorite Dr. Seuss books to the folks at work a day or two ago...

  3. I'm voting for picture number 2 as my favorite.

  4. i wish there was a way to give a reaction to a comment like you can for the post itself. Yarndude always amuses me. :)