Friday, October 26, 2012

Rhinebeck Part 3: My Own Private Runway Show

Rhinebeck Part the Third: My Own Private Runway Show

I have heard people compare Rhinebeck to a knitter's runway show, and I think the analogy warrants fair consideration. Much like the runway, things need extra pizzaz to stand out; a truly street-ready handknit just doesn't produce the desired effect when it is being put on display next to thousands of other gorgeous handknits.  Even beautiful shawls and sweaters and hats can look rather - well, "meh"-  when surrounded by the glorious autumn colors that set Rhinebeck a notch above Maryland Sheep and Wool (IMHO).

Leaves 5

The natural beauty makes Rhinebeck a favorite place to photograph hand knits. I jumped on the bandwagon with my own items that I just happened to have handy, so here is a "what I wore" blog post, mixed in with the tree shots that are so difficult to resist.

Pterotactyl 8

Remember this guy?  The shawl, I mean. Some lady in the crowd told her friend as I passed, "That's a Boneyard." I love my Westknits shawls, but I wanted to butt into her conversation and educate her on the design that is in several significant ways not the Boneyard shawl; its biggest similarities are the fact that both designers are guys, and a guy can be seen wearing them.  I wish I had found a nice way to introduce her to another male designer and another guy-friendly, very wearable and easily knit-able design. But instead all I could think of was a snarky tweet.  It's a good thing the wi-fi was so lousy.

Anyway, get a look at the wingspan on the Pterotactyl:

Pterotactyl 3

Speaking of knits designed by guys, I finally got some pictures of my own green Armoirmeurs. They came in very handy in the middling temperatures we experienced through the weekend.

Armoirmeurs 3

I also finally got some pictures of one of my favorite hats. It's an experimental slouchy hat with short rows, knit in Rowan Wool Cotton 4 ply.

Armoirmeurs 4

Leaves 2
Gratuitous Tree Photo
I was delighted to find that the color scheme I picked for my Seasons Hat matches the gloves Aaron knit for me last year.  This is becoming a go-to part of my wardrobe.

Seasons hat and gloves

This next picture was actually taken on the ride back to Albany after Rhinebeck on Sunday, but only because I had been wearing my vest all day.

Vest 3

I may have looked ridiculous, but I loved the modular aspect of my outfit.

Abominable Knitter 1

While I kinda packed these items in hopes of a photo shoot, I also wore most of them during the weekend (not to mention the other items I did not photograph). I have embraced that I am one of those despicable, overly wool-clad festival attendees that I want to mock for giving in to the impulse to wear every possible knitted garment at one time: I am ... an Abominable Knitter! (cue dramatically ominous music)

Abominable Knitter 4

And apparently I've been a bad influence.

Benchtime 5
Chilling with Aaron and Jeff
I think I need to wait for another post to tell you about the House Color Sweater, so I leaves you with one more gratuitous tree picture.

The Leafy Knoll 2


  1. You know how places like state fairs or the Mall of America are perfect for people watching? I would SO be people-watching you all over Rhinebeck.

  2. I really like your colour choices for the hat.
    Ron in Mexico