Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'Tis a Season Makes Me Jolly

I just finished my Seasons Hat by Jared Flood.  I picked my own color scheme, and while it's significantly different from my original plan, it looks much more like the original design.

Seasons Hat

I've been going around work, trying to drum up some ideas for the costume party that is three weeks from today. So far the best idea seems to be along the lines of Peter Pan characters for my department.  (Because we have to dress within a theme.  Those crazy nursing home recreation people!) I'm not so sure I'm comfortable prancing about the workplace, wearing a stock costume and begging people to clap their hands.  No, I believe I can do better than this.  Perhaps Mr. Smee... or Michael?
Another costume theme idea I am tossing about is that of characters you thought were true when you were a child; you know, like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy (how would that work with dentures?), the Sandman (I could reuse my vintage nightcap), and the Man in the Moon.  Can you think of any others, without going too scary or religious? I'm thinking the monster under my bed could be fun if there was a way to walk around with a bed on my head.  Or the monster in the closet... but that would probably be more appropriate in a non-work party.

I just realized I never showed you aforementioned nightcap.  Last year my hunny knit me up Franklin Habit's 1840 Nightcap because I also did a Wee Willie Winkie costume for the Nursery Rhymes theme. That was one comfy costume.  Here's my guy modeling the hat.  Isn't he darling? 

Yes, the hat's made with crap yarn, and no, it's not blocked or steamed, though it will be if I use it again this year.

Now I gotta get back to knitting.  I've got a sweater to finish!

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  1. I really like the colours in that hat ... very soothing.