Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ziggy, my happy blankey

A quick Finished Object post, because somebody decided to procrastinate on doing last night's grocery shopping!

Zig Zag 1

This is a very pleasant way to dip into those scraps of yarn and take them for a second ride, and I love the adventure of deciding which color to pick next.

Zig Zag 4

One of the things I enjoyed about it was the mantra-like counting no higher than four in the chevron section. I was gonna keep going and make it a shawl, but someone convinced me to finish it for now.  I was sneaky, though, and left a 'lifeline' in the last color stripe using the very long tail, so that I can rip the border back and continue knitting it if the desire strikes.  I have to confess, that was the smarter half's idea, as well.

Zig Zag 3

Of all the scrap yarn projects (edit: patterns) I've seen, I think this is my favorite because of the way the colors seem to sing. That, and knitting hexi-flats involves constant casting on and off. What do you do with your scraps?


  1. Hya, just to let you know that I'm loving the blog!!


  2. One of the most beautiful blankies I've ever seen :)

    colours really sing!

  3. It may be a scrap project, but your overall baby blanket is very harmonious. I think it's marvelous! Your stash must be primarily earthy natural looking tones. My love for wild colors would make a scrap blanket look like a reject from the 70s.

  4. Blanket is stunning. I love the border it totally pulls the whole thing together as if it was designed in these colors!

    Scraps are stuffed into plastic bags and rarely see the light of day. If they do occasionally rear their head, they get re-stuffed into the bin and/or dare I say it, tossed.

    I know, I bow my head in shame.