Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green Sweater Chronicles

I've been pretty quiet of late, and this time it is because I've been studying up on how to make sweaters fit.

I have knit a few sweaters, and a few more sweater vests, and all but one were done pretty much off-the-cuff. But I've only been moderately satisfied with the sweaters I've made for myself.  So this is my journey to fix that situation.

Next to my chair there is a black back pack filled with books I've acquired on the subject.  That seems to be the way I learn; even when I was re-teaching myself to knit back in college, I had to place two or three sets of instructions side-by-side before I could be sure that I was wrapping my brain around the way to wrap the yarn.

In theory, much of it makes sense, but I have found that putting it into practice provides its own set of challenges.  That's my journey.  I don't expect to bore you with all the things I discover on the way, but rather just give you a few peeks at my progress.

Seaming practice: mattress stitch
Mattress stitch is kinda awesome.
This process is taking some time because I'm trying to do my homework before casting on. A bit of seaming practice gave me a lot of confidence that I can at least seam up the sides pretty well!

Mattress stitch stretched
Stretched to show seam

All of my sweaters up to now have been done seamlessly. Now, as you see, I am turning over a new leaf.

Mattress stitch
Hot dog! Look at that beast!

It's a funny coincidence that I pulled from the stash some old yarn in "Leaf" green for my first of several sweaters.


That's right, I have high hopes of knitting not one, but a few, sweaters this summer.  

Ick.  (Sorry, that reaction was provoked by the current heat wave we've had out here. I haven't worn anything but my undies since coming home from work today.)

A few notes about my green sweater so far:
You can see that I steeked the neck; it's so much easier than knitting the front shoulders seperately!
It's been kinda fun to crunch numbers, knit the pieces, then be able to see how they actually work out (which is harder to do when knitting in the round). If you look closely, you may see that I added some back shaping.  I'm eager to see how that turns out once the sweater is on my body.
I'm also eager to see how my sleeves work out; I'm designing my own sleeve cap. How is it going to turn out???

Gratuitous kitten holding:


  1. Oh man.
    I had such a fierce hatred for mattress stitch for the longest time. It was up there with weaving in ends. Once I finally learned how to do it properly and saw just how great it looks I saw the error of my ways. So I know how that goes.

    And you can totally knit three sweaters this summer! Yah!! Hit the ground running and don't look back,

  2. I'm sure your sweater(s) will be awesome! I need to pay close attention, because I may be knitting my first sweater this year...

  3. "I don't expect to bore you with all the things I discover on the way "

    I object! Please, share everything you learn, or as much as you can, anyway. :-)