Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 Lessons I'm Learning

1. Cats are sent to spy on us.
This morning Jake planted himself on the bed to watch me till I got up. When I went into the bathroom, he found a perch on the floor where he could see me. After that I went into the living room and told my partner about our spy cat. At that moment, I looked through the kitchen door into the hall, and there was Jake, sitting in just the right spot to see me through a narrow slit in the doorway. Either cats are spies, or they merely think they are spies.

2. If you give children presents wrapped in bubble wrap, the church will sound suspiciously like popcorn.
There's nothing like the acoustics of a vaulted church ceiling for noisy gift wrappings.  I'm just sayin'. 

3. If you're going to seam your sweater, block your pieces before you join any of them together. 
Don't worry; after the added weight stretched the shoulders too long, I was able to coax the damp wool back into shape. I've done so many fuss-free blocking jobs, I didn't realize how important it is to block a fitted garment to the desired measurements. Stop mocking me!

Blocking the body: back shaping

Shoulder Seam

4. Basting makes a great roasted turkey; it also makes for a good sweater experience.
It's like instant-gratification seaming. Oh, newsflash: I seamed my sweater yesterday! Basting it first gave me a chance to try on the sweater before committing to the way I've knit up the body of my sweater. It also held things in place until I was ready to seam it; I just unraveled the basting yarn a bit ahead of my seam.

I'm sooo basted.

Basted side seam with back shaping

5. Mattress stitch is the new kitchener stitch.
It's so much fun that I might have to make more seamed sweaters just so I can do it again. I feel a bit obsessive when I realize how gleeful I become upon seeing the sloppy edge turn into a tidy, stable, and smooth fabric. That said, I'm knitting my sleeves in the round. Screw seaming.

Body seamed

Body seamed

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