Monday, June 10, 2013

It's getting there... I hope

Time for an update on the Green Sweater.

The pieces are coming together...

It's out of the Naughty Seat - though I hope it stays that way... I'm nearing some crucial challenges (the collar and the shoulder seaming).  I appealed to Shirley Paden's assistance in shaping the sleeve cap. Aaand then I fudged it a bit right at the last moment. I hope it works, because I only got my hands on her Knitwear Design Workshop after the body was seamed -- which, by the way, you can see modeled now!

Sweater body

Sweater body

I was soaking up the beautiful rainy weather this evening until the rain dwindled and stopped. The temperature dropped as a breeze kicked up. Good thing I had a partial sweater on hand.

3-D Collar swatching

For me, learning the slow way seems inevitable, but I like to think that I'm saving myself a bit of trouble  with this one.

3-D Collar Swatching

It's my 3-D swatch for the collar! Now I can see how my pick-up rates work in both directions.

And now for another super sexy knitting photo.  Because pouting in an unfinished sweater with stitch markers still in its fabric is super sexy.

One sleeve ISO seaming

I do like that the sleeve cap is pouting a bit, though; it only seems fitting. Keep your fingers crossed until I can get this thing seamed. Might be a while, though... I intend to knit the collar first.

Tour de Fleece Update:
I've committed myself to spinning up a sweater's worth of yarn out of this lovely Rambouillet from A Touch Of Twist:

Batt 3

I think that qualifies me for Team Climbers. In addition, I've joined the Golding Nuggets team for a bit of spindle action on the side.  I don't think I've showed you my present from my sweetie yet:

2013-05-07 12.21.17

I'm still debating which fiber to use with this, but I'm thinking it will be some Finn dyed by Dan of Gnomespun Yarn.


  1. love the green, the spindle and the pout :)

    this sweater is going to rock!

  2. I don't know about the pouting but that spindle is kinda sexy…