Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spinning update

Well, after ripping back the sleeve about three or four times, the Green Sweater is in the naughty chair for a bit.

Instead, I've been rather easily persuaded to start thinking about Tour de Fleece, which starts at the end of this month. Considering my lack of skills at long-draw spinning, I might do well to make that my focus.  TdF has turned out to be one of the best things for improving my spinning skills, a sort of spinning 'boot camp,' if you will. I have been avoiding my spinning wheel because during a previous TdF I spun solely on the Trindle and became so comfortable with it that spinning on the wheel just makes me feel stupid. 
The other night, I unearthed a bump of fiber I had remaining from my first trip to Rhinebeck. This is the second skein I've spun up in this fiber, and I have to say, my skills have dramatically improved. 

Sunlight through the treetops

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm proud of it because, compared with the earlier skein, this actually looks like yarn. The other is bad enough that I don't know what to do with it; it's not even pretty enough to tie a gift, unless I am looking for something similar to twine.

Enough of that monstrosity. Back to the good stuff. I'm also proud of it because I spun it up using a sort of longdraw -- at least as much as I could manage. 

Sunlight through the treetops

Oh, and I'm spinning on the wheel again!

Sunlight through the treetops

I even have something else on the wheel at the moment as I mull over my options for TdF. It's a beautiful fiber carded by Aaron:

2013-05-23 09.47.26

Spinner's Hill Purple/Green

I was thinking I'd save this fiber for TdF, but I couldn't wait till then.

Oh, and look what I recently acquired! It's not handspun, but it's scrummy all the same. Marr Haven sport weight!!
Marr Haven Sport!

Marr Haven Sport - washed

The washed swatch is so lovely. And one cone of this stuff should be enough for a sweater!


  1. Hee hee your sweater is in the naughty chair. I hope it works out. Good luck with the TdF.

  2. Wow, your second skein looks great! Definitely go for a sweater's-worth! And that Marr Haven yarn looks so nice, too!