Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 reasons why you could stand to knit a hat this August

Have you ever spent mounds of time sifting through tons of patterns on Ravelry, only to come up empty-handed? That was my experience recently as I was looking for a good hat to give a new knitter. I wanted ribbing to ensure success in making the hat fit comfortably. Soon I found myself in "designing mode." After fiddling and futzing with different ideas, I found the most satisfying approach was also the simplest, if I flipped the hat inside out when knitting it. The result looks like nothing novel, but as I scoured Ravelry to see if I was reinventing the wheel, I didn't see anything quite like what I had put together. So the short of things is that I'm publishing the pattern.


I enjoyed the chance to pop out a bunch of hats - I've long been wanting to do such a thing - and after a week I have 4 complete hats - and that's with a number of false starts early on, before I really got things ironed out. My favorite to wear will surely be the first, knit in Myra's own worsted merino handdye from Woolbearers in NJ. I may make another in the same yarn, since it only used less than half of the nice-sized skein.


I also love how the ribbing looks in Shelter; even though I'm usually picky about gapping in single ribs, I think it looks quite nice in the rustic texture lent by Shelter's woolen construction.


And now I submit 10 reasons why you could stand to knit a hat this August:
  1. Hats are small, so they don't cover your lap during hot August weather.
  2. Hats are quick, so it's easy to squeeze one in between other projects and no one will be the wiser.
  3. Hats only use a small amount of yarn, so you can dig into your stash.
  4. Hats are ultra-portable knitting projects.
  5. Hats make excellent vacation knitting, for all of the above reasons. 
  6. If you happen to visit a yarn shop while on vacation, you could quite conceivably buy a beautiful skein of worsted yarn and knit a hat before you get back home to your stash.
  7. Knitting a hat in August will be just in time for the first chill of September.
  8. Hat knitting is happy knitting. Of all the types of projects, I think hats are the easiest way to get into a knitting jag. 
  9. Hats are very giftable, so the previously mentioned knitting jag won't be a problem if it does occur.
  10. There's a new hat pattern just out, and it's free in August!


  1. thanks for letting me come along for the ride, Will ~ I was sold even without the Top 10 list :)

    from your favorite 'knitter extraordinaire'
    (now that it's out there, I can call myself that, right?? right!!?)

  2. Thanks so much...the hat is incredible. I have downloaded the pattern from the ravelry page, and could not resist reading through it. You did a really terrific job writing the pattern. The swatching-in-the-round instructions are very well done and easy to understand. By including the decrease round checklist you put a cherry on the top of the hot fudge/peppermint stick ice cream sundae. As a way of saying "Thank You for this free pattern" I am going to make several and donate them to the Homeless in Connecticut. Great hat is off to you.

    1. love your 'thank you', Snickers! I may have to do the same :)

  3. Wonderful hats and I just love your top 10 list!

  4. #11 in the top 10 list....

    it made the Top 5 What's Hot Today list on Ravelry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all the cool people are making one :)