Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tour de Fleece report

A week and a day into the 2013 Tour de Fleece, here's how I'm making out:

I'm juggling two different spinning projects -- one for when I'm out and about, and one for when I'm hanging around the house.

My house project has two goals built in: 1) really drill myself on spinning long draw, and 2) spin a sweater's worth of yarn.

TDF day 1

I made a last minute switch and settled on the brown Rambouillet with green highlights because, after sampling, I kinda fell in love with it.

2013-07-06 11.27.21

Well -- that, and it kinda goes with the second fiber I'll show you in a minute.
I've plied 3 skeins so far, and going by weight, I am nearing the halfway mark on this fiber. Here's a picture I took during daylight hours today; it's missing my latest skein, but it's mostly more of the same.

Day 8 recap

It's lovely stuff, by the way - so soft, and it works fairly well with my long draw, despite the staple length being perhaps a tad too long (according to someone whose opinion I respect).  Anyway, I'm trying to treat it like a long draw, but I realize the fiber is not prepared for a true woolen spun yarn. I am guessing it has been carded, but I'm wondering if anyone knows better; I'm not really sure what to call the preparation, and I've just been too caught up in my spinning to take the time to ask.

My portable project is three-fold, like its plies: 1) spin something up on my Golding spindle for team Golding nuggets, 2) spin a new breed, and 3) spin for socks.

knit group during Tour de Fleece

This spindle is pretty fantastic. It spins and spins effortlessly, and the grips on the shaft make it easy to set in motion using a thigh roll or even my feet (for the plying part, since I like to ply at my full height).

Day 2

The Dorset wool with a touch of silk is very easy to handle, and I love the way the crimp feels as I spin it. This is a breed I'd be happy to spin some more.  I wound a mini-skein after the spindle was feeling a bit wobbly.

TDF sock challenge

I'm pretty happy with how it is turning out - and I can't believe I'm finally getting around to spinning a sock yarn! You can imagine that I'll have to be thinking about a sock pattern soon.

Time to get back to it! Happy spinning (and knitting), all!


  1. 1. I love the color of your wheel yarn. And it looks like long draw agrees with you! As for the fiber prep (combed vs. carded), it's hard to tell from the pictures. One trick is to pull a chunk off the end. The general rule is that if it pulls off leaving a straight edge, the fiber has been combed and if it pulls off leaving somewhat of a triangle, it's carded.

    2. I've forgotten how much I used to set my spindle in motion with my feet! Mostly because my favorite spindle is a bottom whorl and it doesn't really work, but the one I'm using now is a top whorl. I'm geekily excited to do it again!