Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UFOs on Parade!

One of the best motivators for me to finish a UFO is to have that crappy picture of a partly-finished project staring back at me from my Ravelry page.

I love taking FO photos. ("Fo-fotos." Heh heh.) In fact, those photo shoots made for some fun dates when I was still living in another state from my guy. It gave us a reason to hang out in some lovely parks and create some memories with things that we both enjoy (yarn), and I love looking for little secret corners of beauty.

As I look over my project page, I see a bunch of items that have been languishing too long. Especially those socks; I hate those ugly sock pics. So I had a thought. What if I could finish all those current projects by the end of the year? I realize there are some in hibernation that I am not willing to take into account, but I did actually resurrect a couple projects for the occasion.

So here's what I did, thanks to the Guy's suggestion: on each project I added a tag, "countdown2013". Next, I went to the organizing tab on my project page and created a folder sensitive to that tag. Now I have a tab on my projects entitled "Countdown Challenge 2013." My goal is to complete each item tagged by December 31, 2013.  There are five months left. In theory, it's feasible, but I know how life gets in the way, as well as the fact that I like to approach my knitting with a bit of whimsy.

So here's the lineup.

Offender #1:
Meadow Socks
Sock 2
Status: past the heel of sock #2. Totally doable.

Offender #2:
Status: Only a couple inches down the second cuff. Gonna be a bit of a haul.

Offender #3:
Leaves of Grass (KAL)
Status: I know there was no deadline, but everyone else finished back in January or something. I'm not even gonna pretend I know about my Girasole. Probably crazy.

Offender #4:
Happy flapless flip flop socks
Hedgehog sock
Status:  what you see is about how far I am on sock #2. Doable, but I'm not cheering about the toes when I get to them.

Offender #5:
Noro Pie
Easy As Pie
Status: Need to square off most of the circles, maybe add a few more, and do all that joining together. An ordeal, I'd say.

Offender #6:
Baby Fishie
Baby Fishie
Status: He just needs friggin' eyes. But if I use buttons, it won't be good for a baby, right? But if I knit eyes, they might look stupid. Get a life; it should already be done.

Offender #7:
Pterotactyl 2
Status: Still got most of the thing to knit, as the stripes get longer and longer. This one's got a bit of a deadline, so it's happening.

Offender #8:
Fish VII
Status: I'm totally finishing tomorrow. Cheap thrills.

Offender #9:
Madli's Shawl
Status: Um, this is probably the craziest of them all. But it's gonna happen. I hope.

Offender #10:
Handspun Slade
Sweater back
Status: This is happening; also on a deadline fairly soon.

Offender #11:
Status: I really didn't have to add this to the list, but it's small enough that it'll rack up extra finishing points without costing me much time. Not that anyone's awarding points for my self-challenge.

Offender #12:
Grannies Blanket
Status: Needs some kind of edging thing. Get it done, already!

Offender #13:
House Color Socks
Status: I need to rip it out and start over, but I still really want to make these. Make it work.

On a different note:
I had a little "15 minutes of fame" moment yesterday - my new pattern was on Ravelry's top 5 "Hot Right Now" list for over 24 hours - as #2! That was fun. Moving on...

Oh, but before I do, let me introduce the pattern a bit more.
Not only did I have Mel's beautiful test-knitting and moral support; she shared her handsome hubby with us! No wonder people have been enjoying the pattern!
It's called BRRH! (Basic Reversible Ribbed Hat, that is) and it's free through August. I wrote it up with the expectation that it would function as a work horse hat - the kind that a guy might live in, and the kind that a knitter might use as a default. It's nothing fancy, but it has received a very warm welcome, and for that I offer up my thanks to all of you!  

I was particularly humbled and encouraged by Snickers' charming comment, and I think it's worth sharing for those who might have missed it:

Thanks so much...the hat is incredible. I have downloaded the pattern from the ravelry page, and could not resist reading through it. You did a really terrific job writing the pattern. The swatching-in-the-round instructions are very well done and easy to understand. By including the decrease round checklist you put a cherry on the top of the hot fudge/peppermint stick ice cream sundae. As a way of saying "Thank You for this free pattern" I am going to make several and donate them to the Homeless in Connecticut. Great job....my hat is off to you.

Thanks, Snickers, for the thoughtful feedback, and thank you for making this about so much more than a hat. 

And for all the people who have sent messages to me thanking me for the free pattern, you also humble me. I don't know that I've ever taken out the time to thank a designer for posting a free pattern, and it means a lot to me that people would be thoughtful about where things are coming from. In a way, it makes sense; I always cite the desire to connect with "where things come from" as a motivator to knit and spin. I keep learning from you, bloggiefriends and ravelers. Thank you.


  1. Jason said 'shouldn't this be OUR moment of fame?' when I read this to him (meaning you and him!) ~ he's just kidding (I think)

    this is so awesome ~ I took a picture of the Top 5 List on my screen yesterday and put it in with my test knit pictures

    this whole thing has been a blast and I've erupted into a fit of giggles every time I've been on Ravelry the last 2 days and Jason's face pops up somewhere out of the blue unexpectedly ~ it's all over the place right now!


  2. Your UFO list is formidable! I'd prioritise the deadline jobs followed by a big pat on your back, then I'd embroider some eyes on so the baby doesn't choke on them, after that I'd pick the quickest to finish in descending order. When you're done you can celebrate by ribbing Nr 13 and casting back on whilst opening a bottle of your favourite.
    You'll blitz it!!
    Keep us posted.
    Bimbi x

  3. Dang, you are brave. I don't think I could face lining all my UFOs up all in one place. It's better that they remain forgotten in my yarn closet.