Friday, August 9, 2013

Make that four.

Meadow Socks

I'm really glad to have these off my back. I started them way back in February of 2012. As you can see, they're just plain socks, nothing fancy. But the yarn-needle combination didn't make me want to work on these much. Or maybe it was the start contrast from the ribbing to the toe; I'm not sure. Regardless of what irked me, they will do just fine when socks are needed. (I need to take up darning; some of my favorite socks have been taken out of circulation until they can be brought back to working condition.)

Meadow Socks

The main sock yarn is 100% BFL wool - maybe that threw me off; I'm not used to that type of wool at that gauge. It didn't have a lot of body, which is why I opted for the tiny needles (US size 0). I'm interested to see how it wears. For reinforcement purposes, I used a 75/25 Merino/Nylon blend on the heels/toes. 

Meadow Socks

I'm actually really excited to have a pair of BFL wool socks, and I'm looking forward to using more breed-specific sock yarns in the future.  Breeds other than the standard merino are being made increasingly available to yarn fanatics, and it's remarkable how the different yarns feel and behave. Much like the rationale behind supporting a local farmer's market or any other privately owned business, I find satisfaction in buying yarns that are helping to support smaller pockets in the industry. I certainly don't want to see those special breeds go away, and especially not because people assumed cheaper and easier is better. I even bought this particular yarn because I wanted to support an acquaintance who had opened a yarn shop near my old hometown, an area that really lacked a local yarn shop.

Meadow Socks

The hard part is over, and now I can just enjoy another pair of socks with a lot of love put into them!

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  1. You're on a roll!

    I really love the color combination you chose. I agree, it will be interesting to see how they wear. I've only purchased a BFL yarn once and I haven't gotten around to using it yet. It's lovely though.