Thursday, August 1, 2013

One down!

Happy August!

I hope your summer is going well. Today we got the most lovely rain throughout the day - I kept seeing glimpses out the windows at work, views of elegantly tall tree trunks quite at home in the heavy rainfall, the wet grass a dark green under the cloudy skies--just lovely. The kind of weather I just want to watch.

This week has been an especially fun week for knitting, as I have finished work each day to come home for supper, only to head out to the park for a public reading of C.S. Lewis's Prince Caspian.

Narnia in the Park 2

The rain required us to take things indoors tonight, but spirits were not dampened. The nightly music is all related to the British Isles, but tonight included a song performed on the harp! Aaand, I managed to finish my sparkly fish hat! One down!


Last night I also tried making eyes for the other fish hat, but they came out poorly. Back in time out.

I also recently finished a spinning project I began a while ago. My friend Aaron is ever the spinning enabler, and he sent me this fiber he carded as a birthday gift. I tried my hand at a sort of long-draw technique, and now it's finished!

On the bobbin...
Finished up at Twist near New Hope, PA during their monthly Spin-In!
Did you know Elizabeth Zimmermann lived in New Hope at one point?

On the bobbin...

Aaron's gift

I had seen Aaron post photos of this fiber when he was carding it, and I loved it then. It had so much potential. Now that it's in yarn form, I'm still in love, and can't wait to knit it up so I can take it with me. I know I may turn some heads when I accessorize with a shawl, but I don't think people will understand if I accessorized with a skein ... though must say, I love its current state.

Aaron's gift

What a delightful spin. Thanks, Aaron!


  1. what a fun week ~ congrats on a finished project!

    I'm hoping to complete a handful this weekend and sit outside and listen to some live music as well (weater permitting here also)

    have a great weekend, Will!

  2. I've accessorized with a skein of handspun before. I'm not even joking - I just doubled it up and wrapped it around my neck pretending it was a cowl. I think people were too afraid to say anything.