Saturday, April 5, 2014

April FO Parade

It's time to show you what I've been up to!

Two fish hats, waiting to make their grand debut at Maryland Sheep and Wool:

The green and orange yarns are custom handdyes by Chris at Briar Rose Fibers. You've heard me rave about her before, so I'll just say that the yarn base is a very nice 100% Targhee wool. And the eyes are knit from dear Marr Haven.

And here's my skein of Dorset:

It's rather squishy and stretchy.

In keeping with the theme of handspun and Marr Haven, I finally got around to using the full length of my rainbow handspun from last summer's Tour de Fleece:

The knitting was simple enough that I used it to help me through the second day of the Academy Awards Best Film Nominees marathon at the movie theater. It was a really fun way to watch the movies, and when things became a bit tense or overwhelming I could focus on tinking in the dark. When the lights came up after each film, I enjoyed seeing my progress as the gradient progressed. What pretty fiber. Thanks, Jaqi!

I also tried my hand at knitting some baby items:

And if that wasn't enough cotton for this wool-lover, I also have been working on some dishcloths. This one makes dishwashing a bit easier, because I love the colors - so much, in fact, that I am repeating it. 

When I was visiting with my dad a couple weeks back, he confided to me that he needs more dishcloths knit up, as he finds them to be superior to the ones he has purchased at the store. It turns out that they are more substantial, prettier, and resist stains much better than the store-bought rags. I'm happy to oblige.