Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sheep To Shawl Contest video MDSW

It's been a couple weeks since the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival came and went. I like to think that I don't geek out about much, but when it comes to all things yarn, I make an exception.

Here's a short video to give you a taste of what Sunday morning is like at MDSW. It's a completely different experience than the frenzied crowd of Saturday shoppers. Each team (this is a competition) has selected a theme and is judged for its presentation as well as the finished product. I love that the Maryland festival takes education so seriously. This is only one of the ways a newcomer can learn about some of the facets of yarn production done by hand there.

After taking this video, I parked myself near the musicians so I could knit a bit and just watch the people and sheep move around the fairgrounds. I really enjoyed the harp in particular, and I came across two of this trio later on in Maggie Sansone's booth (link to a video) and stalked them some more.

This contest is great to watch if you don't yet know how to do spinning or weaving, but it really doesn't compare to the fun of being a participant, as I got to experience at Twist a few weeks prior. Either way, its good fun all around.

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