Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sheep to Shawl fun! A Story in Pictures

This is the big process-oriented post. I have another in mind, but it is probably gonna be small - very small. I've taken longer to get this out to you, but here it is at last:

On April 12, my partner and I were delighted to take part in a local yarn shop's second annual Sheep To Shawl fundraiser event for Autism Speaks, at Twist Knitting and Spinning in Lahaska, PA. We had a blast, and I think much of it has to do with the kinds of folks that run and support Twist. I took it upon myself to document the day through my camera phone, so you can get a taste of the fun you missed.

The shearing actually took place midday (we spun last year's fleece), but I've reordered things a bit so you can see the sheep-to-shawl progression:

Bamma the Romney

Drumcarders and hand cards were used to prepare the washed wool for spinning. 
I should interject that only half of Bamma's wool had dried in time for the event, so you can imagine how far a single shearing can go!

One of the fabulous staff members at Twist knit these gigantic mittens for an art installation. I think it set a new record for largest mittens, if I heard correctly.

About a dozen wheels were spinning away through much of the day.
Visitors came to watch the yarn being created for weaving and knitting 
I tried out someone's wheel and fell in love with it. I actually felt civilized! 
My contribution to the yarn supply became part of a woven scarf.
The scarf in process 
Meanwhile, knitters joined in the fun as they worked up squares in different stitches for a pillow.
The Romney fleece had a beautiful range of light and dark wool. 

The large shawl on the loom

The large shawl ready to be taken off the loom

The small scarf off the loom. My yarn's in there somewhere!

The day's work yielded a scarf, a shawl, and twelve squares to make a pillow

Adding the finishing touches before the next day's auction

The finished pillow with knit squares

The remaining yarn spun from Bamma's wool. One of the things I love about Twist is that they have baskets with handspun yarn sitting around - not to mention stitch dictionaries, calculators, and glasses. It just makes me feel at home.

Fun was had by all. Gads of fun. Those who didn't make it really missed out, in my opinion. I'm already looking forward to next year!


  1. I think I'd fit in one of those mittens ~ all cozy like a knitted baby cocoon :)
    (I'm looking for you to show up over at Yarn Over ~ I commented on your comment you just left me...please :)...)

  2. ps. I love that pic of Jeff in his Vortex ~ that's worthy of a frame!