Saturday, August 9, 2014

Alive and Knitting

Hello all!

This year's knitting and spinning has been a season of plowing forward, without a lot of instant gratification casting on and finishing.  I've been getting a bit of flack from a certain person who doesn't think sixteen works in progress is reasonable, so I have poured some energy into finishing some of those WIPs.  This post is photographic evidence that I am nearing the finish on yet another large project that has lingered for a good while. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift several years ago until a request usurped priority. This year, the request by the intended recipient was for a circular lace blanket in the spirit of my Leaves of Grass, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick up where I had left off.

It's not instant gratification, but it feels good.


  1. only 16, in my world that is absolutely not enough. Hats are needed yet again for the coming people eat them in the spring?

    Your works are absolutely wonderously lovely. thank you again

  2. Wait, people are already making requests for Christmas? In August?? My family never requests anything until after Thanksgiving -- and I have 11 siblings!

  3. pretty, Will! good to see you here after all this time :)

    ps...the sweater surgery...oy...I keep staring at the armpit blowout and I'm thinking you won't be able to dance with your arms over your head no matter what I do to mend it :)