Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It's the end of summer!
Autumn begins!

I decided to herald the coming season with a trip to the apple farm, where eight dollars bought a hayride to the orchard, a bag of apples (I fit eight big ones, but a friend managed seventeen wee ones), apple cider, and a cider doughnut. Not a bad deal, in my opinion.  

Heh heh.

True, the apples are red and golden delicious, which is not what I would have preferred, but back at the farm stand there were peaches and gourds and pumpkins and other varieties of apples available. And more hot apple cider donuts and cold apple cider, and frozen apple or peach slushies, and jams and jellies and fruit butters and honeys... can you tell I get excited about this stuff? 

Goose gourds
The thing that made it all so relaxing was being able to spend the time with good friends, hanging out under a pavilion, enjoying tasty treats and knitting and gossiping, with no rush to get anywhere or do anything productive. There is something refreshing--perhaps even healing--about spending an afternoon relaxing on a farm. It was a day off well spent, and I am so grateful that my friends were able to make it so nice just by being present. 

Rhinebeck sweater update

I have steeked one of the sleeves and knit both bands to add a bit of width to the sleeves; now I'm at the point of seaming them in. Once that's done, I should just have the front steek to touch up and then knit the button band.  That's it! I'll have virtually a new sweater! Okay, it needs some pills to be removed, but other than that...

I love green and brown together. I'm also working on a pair of the Brethren Sock in similar colors, but I'll wait until I finish to show you. The socks are three-quarters of the way finished, so I expect to wear them to Rhinebeck as my House Colors project, just in case the sweater doesn't work out or the weather is too warm.

A little spinning/stash show and tell

This skein is a heavy fingering-ish weight, clocking in at 375 yards, chain-plied. It was a pretty braid of fiber that was calling out to me at Maryland Sheep and Wool this past May. 

I finished this gradient a while ago, but have had trouble finding time and daylight in which to photograph it. I intend to spin a skein of a darker grey for a striped shawl combination, but I'm not in any rush to finish it. It's not like I am in serious need of another shawl right now. 

While I was unable to attend the Garden State Sheep Breeders festival a couple weeks ago, my partner was able to pick up a couple braids of Dorset that Miranda of Fuzzyfrog Fibers dyed for me. 

Aren't they fantastic? I especially love the grey; it's similar to the Cat's Eyes colorway I spun earlier this year.

These should be lots of fun to spin! Thank you, Miranda!