Saturday, August 29, 2015

A whirlwind week

Let's just say there have been a few surprises of late. One was finding out that one of my coworkers was working her last day yesterday. When the announcement was made, I had not been present. This is the same coworker for whom I had been knitting Little Bunny Fufu. 

By some bizarre coincidence I had finished the toy Thursday night, and just happened to have brought it in yesterday morning to show a few knitters. Instead, it worked out that I was able to gift it to the mother just in time. 

It felt pretty good, like it was meant to be; my only regret was being unable to take better photos of the lamb. It turned out quite darling.  

Again, how fortuitous that I had already had a nice photo shoot with the bunny portion of the toy!

This week has been a week for finishing things. Just this morning, I finished the knitting on the Timberline cardigan! WOOOOT!

Steeking feels like an event worth recording, and the weather was agreeable to taking some photos as I worked outside. Who says you can't work on a sweater in the summer?

My partner talked me off the ledge when I announced that I was going to seam the sweater without wet-blocking it as called for both in the pattern and in accordance with good knitterly sense. I relinquished my dream of finishing today, and gave the sweater a well-deserved bath. After all that spit-splicing, it's only appropriate.

The pain of delaying was only momentary, and once I had a few key parts pinned down, I became quite pleased that I had opted to follow the way of righteousness.

Originally, I had been anxious about the applied i-cord edging being too tight on the button band, and there's no easy fix. Even if I had the nerve to rip out the entire button band, I couldn't well fix it, since the bottom section is actually knit initially, in one piece with the rest of the body ribbing. I know better than to assume blocking will solve all of life's problems, but in this case it seems to have worked out well.

It's actually a very snappy touch, and it looks great from both sides of the fabric - perfect for a cardigan that may be worn unbuttoned. I'm impressed with this detail. Yay for Jared Flood.

I still have a good bit of yarn left over... let's tally it up:

435g remaining - that's not too shabby! That's almost 900 yards! So this sweater took about 1800 yards to knit. 

I seem to be on a finishing kick, and am very near the border of my Pterotactyl shawl. I do have one caveat, however; due to running out of yarn, I added a different color for the last stripe before the border (and that is even a stripe less than the pattern calls for). I really wanted to keep the long wingspan, so I am trying to make it work. There is a possibility that I may finish and hate it. If that happens, I am prepared to rip. 

Even if this doesn't work out, this incredibly crazy week has had at least a couple wins. It's certainly not all been easy, but at least the knitting seems to be turning out... sometimes you look for the little things. Honestly, though, it hasn't just been the knitting; there have been some good moments borne out of adversity as well - and I'm sending you some of that healing and positive motion that I have encountered this week, and wishing it will multiply. Thanks to those of you who pop in to send some encouragement. I love that knitting gives us a way to share with each other.

Happy knitting!

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