Monday, August 3, 2015

The UFO Confessionals

I have a mess of mostly UFOs, and today, I'm gonna tell it all!

Several years ago, I got to sing in a friend's wedding. Being a bit of a vagabond at the time, I did not come with a grand wedding gift. Instead, I knit a set of dishcloths. I felt badly that I had such a measly gift (it happens a lot with me), so I had to get creative on how to make its value greater than the face value. My solution was to include a note, offering to knit replacements when they needed... a gift that keeps on giving. So when my friend looked me up and asked if I could indeed knit some replacements, I was delighted, partly for the excuse just to stay in touch. What I haven't told anyone is that as a part of the wedding, I was seated on the stage in the church, finishing up the knitting during the ceremony.

A design I got to testknit for Marc Smollin, and still a favorite of mine. I love the handdyed purple from Myra at Woolbearers; I need more purple in my life. The combination of two very different yarns makes a tactile experience I enjoy each time I pick this project up. I have knit this pattern several times before, and never to the specified number of repeats.

Hedgehog Fibres Sock... I love the feel of this yarn, and Beata's colors are always fascinating. This sock is just not moving fast enough for me, though. Can I blame it on pointy needles?

There was a time when Lorna's Laces sold Shepherd Sock in two little skeins; at the same time, they created a colorway called "Franklin's Panopticon." These little balls were rather naughty back in the day, and I took them to their namesake to teach them a lesson. Franklin was gracious enough to hold my balls and awkwardly rub some good karma into them. 

I think it's working. The yarn/pattern combo is great - and I'm not knitting them toe-up this time. 

I'm gay. Surprise.

My Neldoreth sock has grown just a bit since it made a cameo appearance in the Knitty blog.

Despite it's being Tolkien-inspired, this is as far as I've gotten with it...for no good reason, really. I guess I've been craving other knits. Easier knits, mostly.

But these gorgeous socks have made even less visible progress than Neldoreth.

And this sock has made even less progress.

Technically, this Ludlow is not overdue... the Flood's Flock KAL at Girls in Sheep Clothing started this year, and did not have a finish date. When the weather gets cooler and less urgent knits move out of the way, I'll be sure to pick it up again.

This is bound to confound my knitting priorities. Just look at those colors! Some BRF and some BFL. Good thing it's in bite-sized pieces.

Tincanknits' Vivid blanket is very appropriate for these colors, I'd say. So excited to continue knitting with them.

Some delicious Rambouillet from A Touch of Twist. This was my self-challenge to learn to spin long-draw. It's too wonky for a sweater, but it should make a decent enough throw blanket.

 The colors remind me of trees in the best way - very entish, I'd say

 I always say I'm gonna knit more toys...then never do. This is taking me way too long.  Now that I look at it again, it's adorable. I still don't think it'll get done any time soon.

Jared Flood's Timberline is where my focus has been of late. It was supposed to be completed by Rhinebeck last year. I had even convinced my knitting group to make the house color for that year green because I had just blown all my yarn budget on this sweater's worth of BRF.

Armhole steek just waiting to be prepped and snipped 

I've embraced switching skeins in this sweater. I still think my solution for keeping track of them is brilliant.

Skeins freshly rewound used to fit the hats quite nicely. I should have a good bit left over for... oh... a hat or something? (I didn't even realize the irony in that statement until a later read-through.)

I have a couple other current WIPs I neglected to photograph: 

My blender socks - I kinda resent these. They're just stockinette, and they're gorgeous, but I feel the need to do them two-at-a-time on a shared magic loop in order to keep them the same. And that makes for really messy yarn during the color changes, which is all the time. And the tails will be annoying, too. But they will be fabulous. 

A second Double Entendre Cowl - it's my own design, and I'm too lazy to pick it up and knit it. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because I started in the middle with a provisional cast-on, so that satisfying lace near the edge isn't there to make the rest of the fabric as much fun - or stable. 

And speaking of design, here's a last one I'm sharing just because I'm tired of keeping it a secret.  You can see how the design goes, though I doubt I'll get around to writing it up formally. It's nothing original, of course, except maybe the arch. Thank you, Barbara Walker, for this and many other knitting patterns out there. And yes, it's also Tolkein-inspired.

I have a sneaking suspicion it won't block well. 


  1. Quite the pile! I sometimes do this, and then maybe a year later look back and see what has been accomplished. Sometimes it is very little! If only new pretty things didn't keep distracting me....

  2. Wow, so many projects!! No wonder you can't choose. That Timberline is going to be stunning.