Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This year's Rhinebeck sweaters... please be chilly!

Rhinebeck is this week. Last year's green sweater (the one planned for last year's festival, that is) is completed, and I am excited that I also managed to make up this year's blue vest with time to spare!

During a recent trip to Asheville, NC, we encountered inclement weather caused by a hurricane off the coast. The upside of that is the onset of sweater weather! The green sweater turned out to fit the Guy much better than it does me... and I don't mind one bit. I immediately set to knitting a vest I had planned in this year's house color - blue. I actually finished all but the blocking during the trip. We visited a few delightful yarn shops in the area, as you will see.

Black Mountain Yarn Shop was a delightful discovery, and afforded a very pleasant way to spend a rainy day

best view from the back seat ever!
Purl's Yarn Emporium features Doctor Who colorways. Need I say more?

Purl's also has a sense humor.

Too bad Purl's is actually only a bike on the street.
can't. stop. photographing. this. sweater.
aha! a distraction while I take pictures!

'cause your friends don't knit, and if they don't knit, well they're no friends of mine
Bathroom break = another sweater photo

smoldering... or sick of being photographed?
note to self: bring kitties for happy photo shoots

random painting in a shop window with tiny sheepies

Earth Guild is more a multi-craft shop, such as carving, spinning, and weaving, but they make a decent window display

As you can see, I will not be wearing the Timberline, as it has officially been given to its rightful owner. But I have my own vest in Briar Rose Fibers yarn:

I had planned it to be work-appropriate, and I think it is doubly so, since the pattern is Kirsten Kapur's Dr. G's Memory Vest, designed with Alzheimer's awareness and fundraising in mind.

Well, there you have it- my pre-Rhinebeck photos, so I can sit back and enjoy the festival. I hope your fiber pursuits are bringing you comfort and joy as the weather changes, whatever your relation to the equator. It's all that in-between weather right now, anyway.