Sunday, November 1, 2015

I got what I wished for

Um, yes. Rhinebeck was chilly.  Sorry, folks.

But I had a great time. After all, I am a knitter, and I come armed with abundant layers of wool, including enough to share with a Rhinebeck virgin we dragged to the fest.

Cue 'cool kids' music.

Priorities...first stop of the day.

Someone liked my rendition of Apres Chatres enough to duplicate it!

My friend knits the best shawls!

Showing off one's socks taken to a new level
Visiting with friends was a great part of this year's festivities

I got to wear my vest happily all day, but the matching mitts did not make it in time. They're done now, though! 

The design process was fairly simple, lifting stitch patterns directly from Dr. G's Memory Vest.  

The placement of the thumb gusset tripped me up, as I had feared. The patterning is symmetrical, but the thumb gusset throws everything off if placed directly on the halfway point. Originally, I tried placing the thumb between the rope cables, instead of what you see here. Things worked much better when I moved the thumb gusset just a couple stitches to the palm side - right where a rope cable lay. I love the resulting divide of the rope 'strands.' 

Lately I've been dreaming of stranded colorwork, but the absurd number of socks that need mending (again!?!) inspired me to cast on yet another pair of Sprouting socks in BRF Nate's Yarn. 

I'm trying out a cowl featuring a Bluefaced Leicester gradient handspun by a friend. I think it may turn out to be a gorgeous reversible cowl, with a neutral side and a bright side, if I am guessing the yardage well.

How can I not smile when playing with this yarn?
This is by no means a comprehensive listing of stuff on the needles, and the juggling makes it all a bit ridiculous. Then again, it is wonderful to have a project (or three) for every situation.

Here's a random toast to knitting with hope in our hearts and beautiful wool in our hands.