Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A few of my favorite things

Happy winter (or down under, happy summer)! As one who works closely with people who are dealing with incredible physical and mental challenges, I see a lot of value in celebrating little comforts. In my own way, I, too, feel vulnerable a lot of the time; perhaps this is why the plight of the institutionalized elderly resonates with me so strongly. 

Here are a few things that have been offering me a bit of comfort during a season that can quickly become overwhelming. 

A good yarn--in this case, Quince and Co. Osprey, accompanied by newly-acquired audiobooks from the Harry Potter series.

For the eagle-eyed, imperfection is something I live with.

Cuteness comes in many forms, whether it's a manipulative soft toy knit from targhee and other tweedy yarns or a kitty who loves to get into the middle of things and distract me from obsessive knitting.
Topsy-Turvy Snowman/Tree

My knitting projects have been showing a lot more rainbows lately. There are several ways in which this is an entry point to happy thoughts for me, and one of them is the sheer pleasure of colors. That these decorative mittens are knit from Peace Fleece is also symbolic to me. I love that peace is appropriate to wish for everyone.  

There's much more I'd love to say, but time and having difficulty finding the right expression for my thoughts leaves me once again offering merely a few photos and a general wish for your holiday season to be one in which you find peace, renewal, and centering perspective. These are things I would desire, so I wish them for you as well.