Monday, January 18, 2016

One Down!

Yarn: Briar Rose Fibers Homestead (worsted weight)

These socks are holding me in good stead during the wintry weather that has finally begun to hit the region. I love how the colors knit up in these socks!

Briar Rose Fibers is sponsoring a KAL for Dr. G's Memory Vest, and even though I knit one (look on the website for a picture of it!), I am planning to knit another with a custom-dyed color. One of the things I love about Chris's yarn is that she puts the skeins up in such large amounts that it lends itself to big projects (or not having to worry about using it all up on the wrong small project!).  One vest can be gotten from one massive 16oz skein! The socks above came in an 8oz skein, and I used half for the socks; that means that I have enough left for something else that I will love. Being so unique (no two skeins are quite the same), that's a comforting thought.

Last night I finally finished my handspun Vortex blanket! It's drying, so I don't have great photos of it yet, but here's a couple really lousy shots of it taken at night. Thankfully, we have photo editing to spruce it up a bit...

Pattern: Vortex Shawl
Yarn: my own handspun, spun as my first attempt at long-draw during Tour de Fleece back in 2013. The wool is Rambouillet dyed and carded by the folks at A Touch Of Twist. I love their color combinations! This brown and green remind me of sunlight shining through leaves, and the Entish draughts consumed by the younger hobbits in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Rest assured that I will get better photos in daylight when I can.

Oh! I just realized I never mentioned here that I finished spinning a skein of Suffolk wool dyed by Miranda of Fuzzyfrog Fibers!

It was so pretty that I decided to spin up a neutral gradient ply to pair with it, in order to retain Miranda's color progression.

As you can see, the result resembles a barber pole, and when I started knitting it up, I didn't like how it looked in stockinette fabric, so when I revisit it, I will take my partner's advice and try something textured, like garter stitch.

The Oscars are approaching, and I need a new movie project that I can work during tense films (because I am going to watch all the best film nominees).  The Vortex blanket worked quite well for this purpose, as it is basically stockinette. I'm thinking this may be the time I cast on for another EZ sweater; it's been on my mind lately, and I recently dug the yarn out of hibernation. The body should hold me in good stead.  My other option is to cast on that twelfth pair of socks, and take your idea, Ron.  I did recently acquire a couple balls of self-patterning sock yarn (the Arne & Carlos Design Line by Regia), which needs to be kept to stockinette. 

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  1. Great looking blanket and your spinning is beautiful. I have eight balls of the Arne and Carlos yet to knit up. It is lovely to knit with and such a delight to see the pattern emerge.
    Ron in Mexico