Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy May!

I have so much stuff to procrastinate on; therefore, let me write a blog post!

Despite my silence, I was successful in finishing my March socks in the Franklin's Panopticon colorway:

I immediately set to work on my April socks, with a side of cup and bottle cozies for something light and fun.

And my April socks:

Neldoreth is a really gorgeous pattern to wear. It wasn't all that bad to knit, once I stopped trying to understand it all and just went with my instinct.  (Turns out, my instinct was wrong on one bit, but I'm not bothered by it. It's a really small deal.)

The yarn is a gorgeous skein gifted by a lovely friend from the West Coast back at the Men's Knitting Retreat several years back. It's a 50/50 Wool/Mohair blend by Green Mountain Spinnery, and while I think mohair is the devil and is rough to knit, it makes a lovely fabric that I hope will be super durable. Because these are some pretty socks!

I love the Tolkien inspiration for these socks, and who knows - maybe I'll try them out again. My personal trend, however, is moving toward simpler designs like basic cables or plain ribbing for socks. Still...

...Ugh, I can't think about it. I have eight more pairs to finish to keep to my goal of finishing one pair per month. So far, so good! The last two were probably the toughest, so I'm feeling pretty good about things. It's fun starting the next pair, knowing it's already part of the way toward the finish line.

Meanwhile, thanks to the use of Cecilia Campocharo's Sequence Knitting, I found a fun pattern that seems to be working well with my latest handspun yarn. 

It plays up the texture and color, rather than focusing on my wonky spinning.  Best of all, it's really pleasant to knit, both mindless and interesting at the same time. Within a day, I had gone from cast-on to having a good chunk of knitting done -including having to rip a bit out because I forgot to switch colors for a while. Yep, I was at a winery. Considering all, it was a great project for the event.

I'm excited for Maryland Sheep and Wool. It's freakin' next week! Whaaat???

I had planned to enter a couple items in the garment competition, but I won't be there to pick them up at the end of the weekend.  There are so many cash prizes, and no entry fee; I figured it would be fun to enter, even if I didn't win anything, just because I thought I had a few interesting items worth sharing. Maybe another time...

Are you going to Maryland? Are you excited?

Happy May!