Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Wee Labyrinth Swatch

So much time and life has passed since my last post. Too much to catch up on... in a world of information overload, someone told me sometimes you just have to jump into the stream where you are at, and not fool yourself into thinking you can ever "catch up". This is a big struggle for me; the inner critic that says I have to know all the things before I can show up. Part of my practice right now is making attempts to show up, and giving less weight to that inner critic that wishes I measured up to another standard.

So here's something small to ease into something greater: a Wee Labyrinth Swatch.

It's a tiny, 3-circuit classical labyrinth, knit in the round - a speed swatch taken to the next level, because it's fully functional in its own right.

I used Jill Draper Makes Stuff Mohonk for this grey and gold version; the Cormo wool is a delight to touch. That's part of the secret with these - you want to use a material that invites interaction time and time again - something that gives you all the right feels.

As a person who responds deeply to colors, I also used this as a true swatching opportunity, testing out color combinations in a couple of my tried and true favorite yarns, Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July and Charity.

I love the challenge of manipulating handdyed yarns in ways that accentuates their painterly qualities. Chris at Briar Rose Fibers is a master of these gorgeous, moody colors that blend so readily. In these samples, I alternated several colorways of Fourth of July in either the main color or background color for an ombre effect.

To make it more accessible, I also created some YouTube tutorials, which can also be found linked on the Ravelry pattern page. I hope you will consider knitting up your own little finger labyrinth!

If you liked knitting it, I hope you will stay tuned for something greater: an 11-circuit labyrinth cowl! The following tutorial for fixing receding stitches gives you a sneak peek.

Till then, I wish you good health and happy knitting!